A while ago I went to the library and found a book by Peter Fraser, Puppet Circus. It’s a book with very good instructions on how to make some trick-marionettes and good instructions and tips about marionettes in general.

I myself is a bit fascinated by circus’ so the book really spoke to me. I’v made a list (not complete yet) of some performers I wanted in my puppet circus and then I made some sketches of the different kinds of puppets I would need, and as a third step I went online and ordered some materials I needed.

I started with working on the simplest marionette, one almost completely covered in clothes. His name is Boris, a Knife Thrower from Russia (I got the inspiration to his character from an episode of one of my favorite tv-shows, Bones).

I don’t have the “right” materials for my marionettes so I mostly take what I got which leads to a bit of experimenting.

I’ve used a dowel for the arms and legs and a piece of wood covered with foam for the body. I’m going to make the hands and feet in clay and the head will probably be a base of paper mache covered in clay.

The joints are supposed to be leather but I’m still waiting for it to be delivered so I did some temporary joints out of paper.

He just needs a coat, a fur hat and a knifebelt, then his outfit is complete.